Moon Phases

Monday 17th June -


Jan 11 in CapricornJan 19 in AriesJan 27 in LeoFeb 3 in Scorpio
Feb 10 in AquariusFeb 17 in TaurusFeb 25 in LeoMar 4 in Scorpio
Mar 11 in PiscesMar 19 in GeminiMar 27 in VirgoApr 3 in Capricorn
Apr 10 in AriesApr 18 in CancerApr 25 in LibraMay 2 in Aquarius
May 10 in TaurusMay 18 in LeoMay 25 in ScorpioMay 31 in Aquarius
Jun 8 in GeminiJun 16 in VirgoJun 23 in SagittariusJun 30 in Aries
Jul 8 in CancerJul 16 in LibraJul 22 in CapricornJul 29 in Aries
Aug 6 in LeoAug 14 in ScorpioAug 21 in AquariusAug 28 in Taurus
Sep 5 in VirgoSep 12 in SagittariusSep 19 in PiscesSep 27 in Gemini
Oct 5 in LibraOct 12 in CapricornOct 19 in AriesOct 27 in Leo
Nov 3 in ScorpioNov 10 in AquariusNov 17 in TaurusNov 25 in Leo
Dec 3 in SagittariusDec 9 in PiscesDec 17 in GeminiDec 25 in Virgo

The Moon effects us in different ways and by different degrees. Not only by the particular phase but also other factors within your own birth chart.

In general terms First & Last Quarters are diffcult times as the Moon makes a square aspect to us causing frustrations and obstacles. The New Moon is where the Moon and Sun are in the same part of the sky both of them pulling in the same direction. On the earth this can cause high tides so you can imagine the effect it has on us. Lastly, the Full Moon is placed opposite the Sun this is where we are pulled in two directions. The fluctuation effect giving rise to sudden urges, crazy behaviour and luna(cy).

NB In order to properly understand the personal effect the Moon has on you, you need to know where your natal moon is placed within your birth chart.