Channelled Letters

Monday 17th June -


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Throughout time spiritual adepts have received guidance and assistance directly from the Angels and Spiritual Masters through letters that they have physically or spiritually received. Now through the grace of Edwin Courtenay – spiritual channel – this direct line of communication is open to everyone seeking help or advice as they journey along their spiritual way.

How It Works
You can choose to purchase Channelled Letters in either 3, 6 or 12 lots - receiving one letter every 4 to 5 weeks emailed directly to your inbox. Before you receive your first letter you will be prompted to send your questions for that month’s letter (unless you have bought only 1 channelled letter in which case please send your questions with your order) - you are allowed to write three questions per letter each month. From this point on you will be reminded to send further questions should you have them sometime before you are due to receive your letter each month. If you don't have questions you may choose to leave your request blank at which point Edwin will channel a general message from Spirit, for example what they feel you need to hear or learn at that time. Edwin always advises that you ask at least one question as, in his experience, much more can be gained from Spirit in this way but ultimately the choice is yours.

Your letter will be approx 500 words in length and emailed to you in a pdf format to the email address used on the order unless otherwise stated.

As the letters are replied to by the angels, masters, crystal skulls, the elemental kingdoms and the old gods the information that they contain will be spiritual in nature, as a result of this DO NOT ask mundane questions such as information concerning your finances, house moves or love life in your letters as they will not be answered!

Reach out then now to the Universe as you would a friend, reach out to the Masters and the Angels, to the Crystal Skulls, the Elementals and the Divine for they are waiting for you, waiting to answer your questions and offer you guidance, to help you as you journey on your way.


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