Ask The Merlin

Monday 17th June -


The Raven

Though often considered a bird of ill omen like the Crow the Raven is actually a powerful, ancient and magickal bird considered in some tribes to be the first creature born from the Divine or the Void! Representative of the powers of ceremony, ritual and magick it carries the chaos and uncertainty of magick as much as it does the limitless depths of magicks wisdom. The Raven can also represent deep and powerful healing, past life and core issues, cellular and on a DNA level, healing sent absently or experienced in the presence of a great one. The Raven is the keeper of secrets and as such can be petitioned to reveal hidden truths a little like the Archangel Ratziel as well as revealing hidden truths concerning past lives a little like the Archangel Azrael. Whatever you call upon Raven for be sure to acknowledge the importance of his presence in your life for his magick is strong!